Mendez The Body Is PresentAna Mendez (June, 2013), born in Miami and graduate from the University of Illinois, is a professional dancer and performance artist. In 2001, Ana present The Body is Present, commissioned by Miami Light Project for the Here and Now Festival. She then collaborated with artist Richard Martinez in a site-specific documentation project of The Body is Present in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress Preserve. In 2010, she received a commission by Miami Art Museum to present Walking Spell for the New Work Miami 2010 show. Walking Spell, an endurance based performance inspired by the work of John Cage, was present in collaboration with artists Aja Albertson, Richard Martinez, Federico Nessi and Richard Vergez, members of Phsychi Youth, Inc, a collective she cofounded in 2008.Ana’s solo work includes Valley of the Queen commissioned by Miami Art Museum, Parrucca presented by DACRA, and Bruise Blood presented at the Dorsch Gallery. She also presented choreography in collaboration with artist Jen DeNike for Art Public, part of Art Basel 2011 and with artist Christy Gast at the Bass Museum during Sleepless Nights 2009. Most recently Ana has been in performance in Natasha Tsakos’ OMEN which premiered at the Here and Now Festival 2012 and has been dancing with Rosie Herrera Dance Theater since 2009.