dac-prudence-gill-artArtist and curator Prudence Gill (October 2014) has served as director/curator of the Hopkins Hall Gallery since receiving her MFA from Ohio State. She has presented more than 400 departmentally-based and specially curated exhibitions including Faux Surfaces; Portraits of the Presidents; Vision to Action: The Art and Innovation of Hoyt L. Sherman; Swing Street Revisited; Gridiron Replay; Passion to Vision: Antarctica; The History of the Oval; Darwin’s Bicentennial: Art, Science and the Origin of Species; and Gesture (inclusive) among many others. She recently served as the inaugural-year chief curator for the OSU Urban Arts Space where she curated or co-curated Linking the Past to the Future; Ways of Knowing Water; Sid Chafetz: Engaging the World; Alan Crockett: Mark Making, among others.

As an artist, Ms. Gill twice received the Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship and has exhibited her work in US, Canada and Europe.