Regina Jestrow (November 2014)jestrow was born and raised in Queens, New York, and has lived in Miami since 1999. Her mother was an avid semesters and knitter and made clothes for the family when Regina was a child. Regina attended a vocational high school for the arts in Manhattan, and then studied at Fashion Institute of Technology for 3 years. After purchasing her first sewing machine in 2001, Regina started quilting, creating clothing and artwork. One of the common denominators across all of her works is that all are process driven. To quilt is to stitch, sew, cover, and design with one’s own two hands. The paintings translate the movement of color and design, combining the ideas, both from quilting and from nature. The fiber pieces are for people to immerse themselves, whether walking under, through or into the art. Inspiration comes from geometric shapes and structures, which the natural world creates leaving the individual to interpret.