installation viewJoianne Bittle (December 2016)

Joianne Bittle was born in Indiana, and now resides and works in New York City. Bittle has had solo and group exhibitions in NYC, West Texas, Paris and Germany including several habitat diorama installations and collaborations. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Indiana University, Bloomington, with continuing studies in Art History and the Earth Sciences. Her work addresses the practice of field observation as simultaneous actions in different dimensions: the role of chance occurring between plants, animals, and human consequences along with private “mapping” of geologic history, literature, and science onto these explorations. Back in the studio, the synthesizing of all these discoveries evolve into drawings, video works and painting installations, forming an assembled narrative of imagined environments and “hybrid” creatures, indifferent and free from all natural law.


Image: From Faustine’s Paysage/Tableux Parisiens, 2009-2011, Joianne Bittle