Wild Culture: Connect and Inspire, a series of Sundays in the Park designed to highlight the cultural connection between AIRIE and the unique biosphere of Everglades National Park. Join us March 27 for a painting workshop with Elisabeth Condon.

Condon Image

Swamp Notes 1, 2016, Watercolor and Gouache, 24×30″, Elisabeth Condon

Sunday, March 27, 2-5 p.m. at the Royal Palm Visitors Center

Swamp Notes, a painting workshop lead by Elisabeth Condon, invites participants to try pouring, glazing and other watercolor techniques. In the Everglades where water constantly moves, watercolor provides an analogous process that delights and challenges the eye. No painting experience necessary. Bring a sketchbook/drawing tools in encouraged. All other materials are provided.

Hedges Scarred Flats

Courtesy of Jason Hedges

Sunday, February 28th, Noon, Flamingo at Everglades National Park

12 p.m.: Guests gather in the Breezeway at the Flamingo Visitors Center deep in the Everglades National Park. Jason Hedges will discuss Scarred Flat, a 1/1 scale recreation of a damaged shallow sea grass flat located southeast of the Flamingo ranger station in Everglades National Park.

1 p.m.: Walk on the lawn with the group, then proceed to the Guy Bradley Trail where small AIRIE reproductions are leaning along the trail. Guests will learn about the works from attending AIRIE board members and artist Deborah Mitchell, who will lead small groups to the amphitheater.

2 p.m.: T. Wheeler Castillo and partner Emile Milgrim play sounds recorded and remastered during Wheeler Castillo’s residency from an illuminated recording device entitled Transducing the Imperceptible Wetlands. For the National Park Service Centennial Anniversary, this project explores and documents what has been conserved of the Everglades through preservation. These recordings are dubbed to tape, disassembled and manipulated, creating new compositions when reassembled.

Click on the link below to see a sneak peek of T. Wheeler Castillo and Emile Milgrim’s work for Sundays in the Park.

Archival Feedback _ Moth Test – Small

Courtesy of Christina Pettersson

Sunday, January 31st, 2 p.m., Long Pine Key at Everglades National Park

2 p.m.: Follow signs to check-in and walk the Long Pine Key 3 in 1 Trail with AIRIE members.

3 p.m.: Current Artist in Resident Jose Elias performs compositions from his new Everglades Songbook.

4 p.m.: Follow the shoreline to the amphitheater area for the debut of The Furies of the Swamp, a site specific performance by AIRIE fellow Christina Pettersson. Refreshments and Q & A with the artists will be followed by AIRIE videos and a campfire at dusk.


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