AIRIE Fast Facts:

  • Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE) was founded in 2001 by artist Donna Marxer.
  • AIRIE is an incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the sole mission of supporting the AIRIE program at Everglades National Park through fundraising and producing special projects.
  • AIRIE has had 110 artists participate in the residency from different disciplines such as painting, photography, installation, writing, dance and music.
  • AIRIE fellows typically spend one month in a live-work space located in Parachute  Key at Everglades National Park. The home they stay in is known as the AIRIELAB.
  • AIRIE’s relationship with the park is a “friend” status.


AIRIE in the Press

January 2015 | Ocean Drive Magazine
AIRIE has become part of the Miami art scene, and has also contributed in helping bringing other artists to Miami and the Everglades.
How Miami Became a Hub for Artists, by Hunter Braithwaite

November 2014 | Miami New Times
AIRIE takes over the Miami International Book Fair! Our “swamp” was got some buzz from the Miami New Times, and we got to share how important the Everglades is to South Florida.
AIRIE Panel at Miami Book Fair International Highlights the Value of the Everglades, by Abel Folgar

October 2014 | Tampa Bay Times
After his month long residency in the Everglades during November 2013 writer & AIRIE Fellow, Bill Maxwell, shares his experiences and changes he would like to see done at Everglades National Park. His piece, “Maxwell: Florida’s vital challenge: to save the Everglades,” was published in the Tampa Bay Times.
Florida’s vital challenge: to save the Everglades, by Bill Maxwell

September 2014 | Ocean Drive Magazine
Gustavo Matamoros, September 2013 AIRIE fellow reveals why “his job isn’t to entertain” in the September issue of Ocean Drive.
Composer Gustavo Matamoros: ‘My Job Isn’t to Entertain’, by Brett Sokol

July 2014 | Biscayne Times
“Unexpected things can happen when artists are immersed in nature, solitude, and the river of grass.” The Biscayne Times explored our AIRIE program and featured pieces from AIRIE fellows.
Art in the Everglades, by Anne Tshida

AIRIE on the Small Screen

Art Loft | Published on Aug 15, 2013

Explore with Art Loft on their journey with fellow Harumi Abe on her month-long residency in Everglades National Park.

Art Loft | Published on April 1, 2013

Duo Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen take on the River of Grass for their biggest project yet in Miami. Art Loft follows the team as they create a three-dimensional drawing based on their impressions of the Everglades.