Everglades Books by AIRIE Fellows

Follow the link below to review and purchase some of our AIRIE Fellows books inspired by their residency in Everglades National Park.

Marion Belanger- Everglades: Outside and Within

AIRIE Fellow: 2004

Belanger, Marion. 2009. Everglades: Outside and Within. Center for American Places at Columbia College: Chicago.

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Marion Belanger

Lisa Elmaleh- Everglades

AIRIE Fellow: 2010

Elmaleh, Lisa. 2016. Everglades. Zatara Press: Richmond, VA. Foreward and poems by Anne McCrary Sullivan, AIRIE 2003

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Lisa Elmaleh

Roger Mitchell- The One Good Bite in the Saw-Grass Plant

AIRIE Fellow 2002

Mitchell, Roger. 2003. Natural Dam Publishing: Jay, NY. Cover and drawings by Frank Duval, AIRIE 2002.

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Roger Mitchell

Anne McCrary Sullivan- Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades

AIRIE Fellow 2003

Sullivan, Anne McCrary. 2009. Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades. WordTech Editions. Cincinnati, OH.

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Anne McCrary Sullivan 1

Holly Genzen & Sullivan, Anne McCrary. 2011. Paddling the Everglades Wilderness Waterway. Menasha Ridge Press: Birmingham, AL.

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Anne McCrary Sullivan 2

Diana Woodcock- Beggar in the Everglades

AIRIE Fellow: 2007

Woodcock, Diana. 2016. Beggar in the Everglades. Finishing Line Press: Geogetown, KY.

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Diana Woodcock