2017 AIRIE Fellows

Ashlee Mack & James Romig
Mack and Romig will be in residence in December of 2017. James Romig endeavors to create music that reflects the intricate
Sasha Wortzel
 (November 2017) Originally hailing from Florida, Sasha Wortzel is a New York based artist and filmmaker working primarily in time-based
Dana Wildsmith
(October 2017) Dana Wildsmith grew up in south Georgia, the daughter of a Methodist minister who was active in working
Nick Gilmore
Nick Gilmore (July 2017) is a Miami-based artist. He received an MFA in Visual Arts (2014) from Florida International University,
Cherry Pickman
Cherry Pickman (June 2017) received her BA from the University of Florida, where she studied English, with a focus in
TM Sisters
TM Sisters (April 2017) TM Sisters are a Miami based sibling duo who work in multi-media realms of digital video
Anne Jennings Paris
Anne Jennings Paris (May 2017) is a writer and visual artist whose work focuses on the intersection of American popular
Magnus Sodamin
Magnus Sodamin (March 2017) Born in 1987 in Manhattan, Magnus Sodamin uses an expanded painting practice that is at once
Laura Gibson
Laura Gibson (February 2017) an Oregon born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in New York City, where she is completing
Jenny Larsson
Jenny Larsson (January 2017) lives and works in Hollywood, FL. Receiving her B.A. in Dance Pedagogy from the University of
Nathaniel Sandler
Nathaniel Sandler was a writer in residence in 2015 and returns to complete his term in the summer of 2017.


Upcoming 2018 AIRIE Fellows include sculptor Robert Chamber, multimedia artists Kristin Lucas, Carlos Rigau, Tamar Ettun, Karolin Tampere, Keren Anavy & Tal Frank, writers Rachel Luria and Leah Kaminski, choreographer Dale Andree and photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales

2016 AIRIE Fellows include Miami-based musician Jose Elias, multimedia artists Valerie George, Thom Wheeler Castillo, Joianne Biddle and Julia Oldham, painter Elisabeth Condon, sculptor Brookhart Jonquil, and poets Ann Stafford, Jen Karetnik, and Hannah Star Rogers.

2015 AIRIE Fellows include writers Andrew Gottlieb and Nancy Krim, architect Caterina Tiazzoldi, photographers Alan Winslow and Matthew Booth, filmmaker Celia Rowlson-Hall, as well as Miami-based multi-disciplinary artists Jason Hedges, Franky Cruz, Christina Pettersson and Onajide Shabaka.

2014: Rodney Dickson, Adam Nadel, Nathaniel Sandler, Dana Levy, Elite Kedan, Brenna Dixon, Daniel Dugas & Valerie LeBlanc, Karl Staven, Reed van Brunschot, Prudence Gill, Regina Jestrow, Emily Myerscough

2013: Wendy Call, Jane Abrams, Wade Kavanaugh & Stephen B. Nguyen, Naomi Fisher, Alice Raymond, Ana Mendez, Harumi Abe, Susan Silas, Gustavo Matamoros, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Bill Maxwell, Mathias Kessler

2012: Eileen Powell, Danielle Austen, Dana Sherwood, Mark Dion, Danielle Downing, Joanna Kidd, Mary Keithan, Heather Dewar, Deanna Morse, Joice Marie, Susan Klein, James Branaman, Krista Elrick, Rebecca Reeve, Trong Nguyen