Art in a Wild Place

By Giselle Hereaux for Artlurker Weblog


Plants, exotic birds and insects are the artists’ family for a month when they live in Everglades National Park.

Artists come from around the nation and world to take residency in this unique place, one teeming with life and visual richness. Creativity comes alive here.

Artists such as Dana Sherwood, Naomi Fisher, and Mark Dion have all brought their talents to the Park during the last twelve years of AIRIE (Artists in Residence in Everglades). Whereas the initial waves of residents worked mostly in traditional painting, more contemporary artists working in a range of mediums – dancers, video artists, and writers – have been taken on in recent years.

“In a Park known for its spectacular and diverse wildlife, the art and voices of AIRIE residents reveal other unique, and often missed, dimensions of this special place,” remarks Park Superintendent, Dan Kimball.

While in residence, artists are invited to explore the Everglades and gather inspiration for their work. From hiking, biking, guided tours, or canoe adventures, artists can choose whatever ways suit them best to get an up close and personal experience of the Park.

The Park facilitates artists’ explorations by offering free entry into the Park and discounted prices for boat tours and tram rides, as well as providing lodging within the Park.

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