Bookleggers Mobile Library in the Everglades!

free books March AIRIE Fellow Nathaniel Sandler is a writer and literacy activist. His Bookleggers Mobile library can will make a visit to the Royal Palm Visitor Center (that’s Anhinga Trail for you wildlife lovers) at Everglades National Park On Sunday, March 30 from 1-5 PM. The public and park visitors are welcome to stop by, meet Nathaniel, and enjoy a free book.

WHERE: Royal Palm Visitor Center (Anhinga Trail), 4 miles (6 km) from the main park entrance near Homestead.

ABOUT BOOKLEGGERS: Bookleggers is a community mobile library based out of Miami, Florida. We show up around town once a month and give away free books to the public. Follow us on Twitter for event information or email [email protected] to be put on our mailing list.

How it works:
 1. Anyone in attendance is allowed one free book, to take home, for as long as you need.
2. You can trade your books for any of our books. A book for a book.