Carlos Rigau

(March 2018) Carlos Rigau was born in Little Havana, Miami Florida to a teenage immigrant mother. His grandparents spoiled him silly with numerous trips to Disney World, and his uncle brought him to work at the local news station where he  learned about media production. In his third year of high school, he had his first daughter. Rigau’s work comes out of all this, and more. Growing up in Miami’s Little Havana shaped the content and form of his work. His interests are in artifice, display and perception.

Carlos sees Miami as inundated by artifice and replicas where layers of artificial and real overlap and synchronize. In this way his interests come from his formative surroundings. Things and ideas are worked, crushed and reassembled. The work imitates the materials and aesthetics of art, while considering the psychology used by the advertising industry. The mediums that are engaged are images, moving images and sculpture. Critical agitation and de-familiarization is the intent.

During his residency Rigau will continue researching the “Con” as form and content. Specifically, he will research the psychology of the “Land Developer” and past attempts by con men to sell swampland, all to inspire new live performances and moving image works.