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Kristin Lucas

(December 2018) Kristin Lucas is an interdisciplinary artist who pairs the intangible with the uncertain in experiential works that lie somewhere between reality and “reality”. A recent work recreates a flamingo courtship march in augmented reality. During her residency, she plans to observe, document, 3d model, rig and animate the likeness of species she encounters. Lucas has presented her work nationally and internationally, and she has been featured in Art in America and Engadget. She lives between Austin and New York where she serves as Transmedia faculty for the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin.

During her residency at Everglades National Park, Kristin will observe, document, 3d model and animate the likeness of species she encounters. Her project is likely to exist in a variety of forms, including: video animation, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR).

Jeanine Michna-Bales

(November 2018) Jeanine Michna-Bales is an artist/activist working in photography. Her projects explore the relationships between what has occurred, or is occurring in a society and how people react to those events. She meticulously researches each topic — considering different viewpoints, causes and effects, and political climates — and often incorporates found or archival text and audio into her projects creating works that signify important sociopolitical issues.

Michna-Bales will produce a new photographic essay depicting the places where former slaves made their homes in Florida.


Dale Andree

(October 2018) Dale Andree is creator and director of National Water Dance (NWD), an artist driven collective of dancers and educators stretching from coast to coast and from Alaska to Florida. NWD creates simultaneous, site-specific performances with movers of all ages and experience. NWD believes that the global environmental crisis is the most pressing issue of this generation and that artists need to take the lead in addressing it. As dancers they use their bodies to create a community that cries out for action.

“As a source of life for so many species, including our own, the Everglades is like the aging parent whose wisdom will fail us if we don’t listen before it becomes too late. As an aging dancer there is a symbiotic connection that I feel in finding my relationship to natural environments. The opportunity to live inside of the Everglades and take time to observe, reflect and be inspired to create movement is an artistic journey that is both intimidating and inviting and one that calls strongly at this point in my artistic journey.”

In the Everglades, Andree will produce a new, site specific work to be performed for the public.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sundays in the Park: Everglades Imprint, original performance by Dale Andree.

More info at

photo by Miana Jun

Grant Livingston

October 2019

Singer/Songwriter Grant Livingston has been a Florida favorite since the mid-80s.  The Miami New Times named Grant one of the “Ten Greatest South Florida Folksingers of All Time” and called him a cross between Jimmy Buffett and Sesame Street.  He loves to tell stories from the point of view of animals including dogs, cats, armadillos, and pythons.  He often performs for schools, museums, and other children’s programs. His guitar style is a mix of ragtime, country blues, and early swing.   

Grant has taught songwriting at Miami-Dade College and, along with fellow songwriter Janet Goodman, coordinates the Nashville Songwriters’ Association’s South Florida chapter.  Grant has partnered with Biscayne National Park Ranger Gary Bremen to bring the program “Songs and Stories of Our National Parks” to venues in South Florida and recently to Yosemite National Park.

During his residency Grant will be learning from the staff, collaborating with other artists, and writing new songs about the Everglades, its creatures, its people and its history.  Follow him during the month of October at his website

Blanca Botero

(July 2018) Bianca Botero is a conceptual visual artist. Her work refers to the human action that affects other beings. She uses several media, but prefers simple materials that are linked to the earth such as graphite, ink, glass, sand, and mud. Her daily work is an exercise to connect our selfish nature with our possible extinction, but also to connect our kind nature with our survival, prosperity, and happiness.

Rachel Luria

(June 2018) A Pushcart Prize nominee and two-time winner of the South Carolina Fiction Project, Rachel Luria is an Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University’s Wilkes Honors College. A recent Associate Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, her work has appeared in The Normal School, Harpur Palate, Sport Literate, Saw Palm, Phoebe, Dash Literary Journal, Yemassee, and others. She was granted the Notable Essay of 2015 award by the editors of Best American Essays and she was a winner of a 2017 Teacher Scholarship from the Key West Literary Seminar.

As an Artist-in-Residence in Everglades, she will compose original fables inspired by the wilderness of the Florida Everglades.

Keren Anavy & Tal Frank

(May 2018) Israeli visual artists Keren Anavy and Tal Frank have been collaborating for the past seven years. Their research based projects explore the dynamic relationship between nature and culture through the lens of specific sites and locations.

Keren Anavy is a painter, installation artist, art educator and magazine art writer (Hebrew), currently based in New York. Tal Frank is a sculptor, installation artist and an art educator, currently based in Mexico City.

Their recent exhibition, Compositions for Stones of Gold (2018), supported by Asylum Arts grant, was a site-specific installation in a historic building in Mexico City, in which they investigated archaeological sites of water-related structures such as aqueducts and ruins both in Mexico and Israel in order to scrutinize the relation between place, nature, and identity.

Their exhibition Between Beauty, Memory and Form (2017) was presented at Autonomous University of Hidalgo State, Mexico, preceded by Beauty and Other Forms (2016), Mane’-Katz Museum, Haifa; Crossover (2013), Feinberg Projects Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; and Hothouse (2012), Dan Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. 

While in residence, Anavy and Frank will explore the connection between nature and the local community. 

Robert Chambers

(April 2018) Robert Chambers, a sculptor, has work in the permanent collections of MOMA, the Kemper, PAMM, MOCA North Miami, MOSI and Tufts University. Recent public art commissions include Light Field, an interactive 100’ light wall and Orbital 1 & 2, 10 and 12 ton marble CNC sculptures at the South Dade Cultural Art Center. An outdoor bronze constellation sculpture, Orthrus, is a recent commission for the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida. Exhibitions include The Invitational at The American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City and ProjektraumM54 in Basel, Switzerland.

During his residency, Chambers will explore sites in the Everglades where artifacts from early 20th century landscape interventions remain. He will produce large-scale sculptural works that mimic the forms and physical processes of the objects of his research such as the environmental engineering required to “drain the swamp” in the early 20th century, and the scars that were left on the landscape.

Carlos Rigau

(March 2018) Carlos Rigau was born in Little Havana, Miami Florida to a teenage immigrant mother. His grandparents spoiled him silly with numerous trips to Disney World, and his uncle brought him to work at the local news station where he  learned about media production. In his third year of high school, he had his first daughter. Rigau’s work comes out of all this, and more. Growing up in Miami’s Little Havana shaped the content and form of his work. His interests are in artifice, display and perception.

Carlos sees Miami as inundated by artifice and replicas where layers of artificial and real overlap and synchronize. In this way his interests come from his formative surroundings. Things and ideas are worked, crushed and reassembled. The work imitates the materials and aesthetics of art, while considering the psychology used by the advertising industry. The mediums that are engaged are images, moving images and sculpture. Critical agitation and de-familiarization is the intent.

During his residency Rigau will continue researching the “Con” as form and content. Specifically, he will research the psychology of the “Land Developer” and past attempts by con men to sell swampland, all to inspire new live performances and moving image works.

Leah Claire Kaminski

(February 2018) Leah Kaminski is a poet who uses nature as a vehicle for memory and grief, both collective and personal. She reclaims lost and traumatized bodies, ecologies, and memories through meticulous lyric description of encounters with nature. Her poems trace and transform what is seen even as boundaries disappear between the self and what is perceived. Her writing sits in a post-lyric vein, concerned with sound, rhythm, and image as much as with fact or narrative, and while some of it can be considered ‘ecopoetry’, it is all influenced by and responsive to the natural world around it.

During her residency Kaminski will create a poetry manuscript inspired by her personal history and experiences in the Everglades and South Florida, and will also take on larger stories of the region’s natural and human history. Having grown up in rural pine rockland near Homestead and having spent many weekends camping and canoeing in the Everglades, Leah has a deep personal connection to the wilderness.

Rachel Johnson

(January 2018) Rachel Johnson (b.1992) is a North American artist working regionally along the East Coast. Her media specific, video and performance-based works unveil the temporal nature of the human within the frameworks of biological desire that guide the evolution of our virtual/material landscapes.

Rachel compiles extensive research on a particular subject and translates findings from diverse sources into entrancing and polyphonic media to reconcile varied methodologies for understanding our orientation to living organisms from the scientific to the metaphysical. By decentering singular classification systems as a means for understanding and identifying phenomena she invites audiences to traverse towards experiential ontologies and examine human experiences of the nonhuman.

While in residence, Rachel will expand on her project Escaped Exotics. Launched in 2016 in partnership with Borscht Corp Film Collective and Florida Conservation Experts, Escaped Exotics is a series of ethnobotanical films and posters uncovering histories and potentials latent in the most common invasive plant species living and growing in the interstices of South Florida’s urban spaces.

Escaped Exotics is sponsored in part by the BFI.


Ashlee Mack & James Romig

Mack and Romig will be in residence in December of 2017.

James Romig endeavors to create music that reflects the intricate complexity of the natural world, where fundamental structures exert influence on both small-scale iteration and large-scale design, obscuring boundaries between form and content. His work has been described as “a complex quilt of sound” (Moline Dispatch), “unhurried, pointillistic” (Baltimore Sun), and “the musical equivalent of fractal geometry” (Classical New Jersey). Influenced by both serialism (Romig studied with Milton Babbitt and Charles Wuorinen while earning a PhD at Rutgers University) and minimalism (he studied percussion as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa), his music is further inspired by post-modern literature, abstract expressionist painting, progressive rock, and doom metal. His music has been performed in 49 states and 30 countries. Notable ensemble performers include the JACK Quartet, Talujon, Chronophonie, Duo Contour, Helix, Khasma Piano Duo, New Muse Duo, Zodiac Trio, Duo Harpverk, Suono Mobile, the Quad City Symphony Orchestra, pianists Ashlee Mack and Taka Kigawa, flutists John McMurtery and Harvey Sollberger, violinist Erik Carlson, and others. Recordings of his music have been released by Blue Griffin, First Step, Navona, Parallax, and Perspectives of New Music/Open Space. His percussion works are especially well-known and have received hundreds of performances around the world. Guest-composer visits include Eastman, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Illinois, Northwestern, and the American Academy in Rome. Artist residencies include national parks (Everglades, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest), Centrum, and Copland House. His music is available from Parallax Music Press. He has been on faculty at Western Illinois University since 2002.

Ashlee Mack has given recitals in Germany, Italy, and across the United States. Specializing in contemporary music, she has performed solo and chamber music with organizations such as the Society for Chromatic Art, Vox Novus, New Music Forum, Iowa Composers Forum, New Music Festival at Western Illinois University, Bowling Green New Music Festival, Aspen Composers Conference at the Aspen Institute, PASIC, and SCI. Mack is co-founder of the Khasma Piano Duo, and their debut album, Switchback, was released in November 2015. Other recordings include Odds and Ends by Robert Morris and For Milton by Christian Carey, both featured on the “Milton Babbitt: a composers’ memorial” CD set published by Perspectives of New Music/Open Space, and James Romig’s Transparencies on the “Mosaic: Society of Composers” album. She was an artist-in-residence at Wupatki National Monument and Grand Canyon National Park in December 2013 and at Centrum (Port Townsend, WA) in December 2016. She will be artist in residence at Everglades National Park in December 2017. In collaboration with composer and husband, James Romig, Mack will present the world premiere of his 60-minute solo piano piece, Still, at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver in 2017, and his new work for piano and orchestra, commissioned by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, in 2018. Mack is Coordinator of Piano Instruction at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.
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