Everglades Books by AIRIE Fellows

Follow the link below to review and purchase some of our AIRIE Fellows books inspired by their residency in Everglades National Park.

Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc –¬†Everglades (French Edition)
AIRIE Fellows: 2014
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Marion Belanger- Everglades: Outside and Within
AIRIE Fellow: 2004

Belanger, Marion. 2009. Everglades: Outside and Within. Center for American Places at Columbia College: Chicago.

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Marion Belanger


Lisa Elmaleh- Everglades
AIRIE Fellow: 2010

Elmaleh, Lisa. 2016. Everglades. Zatara Press: Richmond, VA. Foreward and poems by Anne McCrary Sullivan, AIRIE 2003

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Lisa Elmaleh


Roger Mitchell- The One Good Bite in the Saw-Grass Plant
AIRIE Fellow 2002

Mitchell, Roger. 2003. Natural Dam Publishing: Jay, NY. Cover and drawings by Frank Duval, AIRIE 2002.

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Roger Mitchell


Anne McCrary Sullivan- Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades
AIRIE Fellow 2003

Sullivan, Anne McCrary. 2009. Ecology II: Throat Song from the Everglades. WordTech Editions. Cincinnati, OH.

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Anne McCrary Sullivan 1

Holly Genzen & Sullivan, Anne McCrary. 2011. Paddling the Everglades Wilderness Waterway. Menasha Ridge Press: Birmingham, AL.

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Anne McCrary Sullivan 2


Diana Woodcock- Beggar in the Everglades
AIRIE Fellow: 2007

Woodcock, Diana. 2016. Beggar in the Everglades. Finishing Line Press: Geogetown, KY.

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Diana Woodcock