Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre, 2019 cast

Agile Rascals Bicycle Touring Theatre

Agile Rascals Bicycle Touring Theatre

Agile Rascal is a theatre troupe that tours new and innovative plays, on bicycles.

Founded in 2014 by Dara Silverman, Agile Rascal began with the hair-brained dream of biking a play across the country. We made that dream a reality in 2015, when seven foolish and brave artists crossed the United States, performing in big cities and small towns along the way.

Since that inaugural tour, we have focused our energy on smaller (in scale but certainly not ambition) regional tours, bringing artists from all over the country to collaborate and create with.

We make wildly inventive, musical and funny, environmental-themed plays that are accessible to audiences of all ages. In the creative process, we strive to make the themes of the play reflect the themes of the tour, incorporating ideas from the land and its people.

During their residency, Agile Rascal intend to create a new play inspired by the landscape, history and environmental concerns of the state of Florida.

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