Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre, 2019 cast

Agile Rascals Bicycle Touring Theatre

Agile Rascals Bicycle Touring Theatre

Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre company of professional artists from all over the United States that come together to create original work at the intersection of theater and cycling. We devise plays based on the region we plan to tour them through, with a particular focus on the environmental concerns of the region.

Founded in 2014 by Dara Silverman, Agile Rascal began with the hair-brained dream of biking a play across the country. We made that dream a reality in 2015, when seven foolish and brave artists crossed the United States, performing in big cities and small towns along the way.

We make wildly inventive, musical and funny, environmental-themed plays that are accessible to audiences of all ages. In the creative process, we strive to make the themes of the play reflect the themes of the tour, incorporating ideas from the land and its people.


As the Artists in Residence in Everglades, Agile Rascals collectively devised a new play, Good Time Pedalers’ Preservation Carnival. The play was a combination of research and experience regarding the environmental challenges that the Everglades face, as interpreted through our diverse creative styles.

Pedalers‘ tells the story of a bike-touring theatre company that travels a future, post-climate change Florida landscape teeming with alligators, mosquitos, and sawgrass. The “carnival” they bring glorifies America’s past “Age of Abundance” and offers a distraction from the battle against the elements that living in Florida has become. However, after the pedalers lose Nonna Harmonia, their founder and matriarch, they question whether to continue in the name of tradition, or to evolve their show to respond to the changing needs of their community and to develop a new relationship with nature.

Following their time in residence with AIRIE, they spent the next six weeks touring the play across 1,000 miles of swamp, beaches and sprawl, performing in cities and towns across the Florida.

Our time in the Everglades was instrumental to creating our new work. The environment was absolutely inspiring and the wealth of information we were afforded through our residency helped us to make sense and contextualize what we were experiencing on a more visceral level.

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