Blanca Botero

Colombian and Swiss artist, lives and works in Bogotá. Blanca works mainly in drawing, installation, video and video installation, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Blanca holds a Masters degree in Plastic, Electronic and Time-Arts from the University of the Andes, Bogotá, and also an LLM -Masters in Law- from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. She also serves as a board member of the Amazon Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and activating global awareness to preserve the Amazon through music and documentary film.

“The work CRISOLES is a video installation that seeks to present, poetically and from the exploration, an approach to the non-human point of view in relation to the use and transformation that humans make of the planet Earth. When oil is spilled into the sea, for example, a greasy membrane disperses and expands like a thin sheet of elastic, flexible and resistant material that overlays, acts as a conduit, separates and accumulates without mixing with water, sand or with any creature -a turtle, a coral-, etc.”

—Blanca Botero

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