Carlos Rigau

Rigau was born in Little Havana, Miami Florida to a teenager immigrant mother.
His Grandparents spoiled him silly to numerous trips to Disney World.

Rigau’s uncle brought him to the news station in which he worked. There, he learned about media production. In his 3rd year of highschool he had his first daughter. Rigau’s work comes out of all this, and more.

Rigau’s experiences growing up in Miami’s Little Havana, urban Miami, as a Cuban American has shaped the content and attitude of his work. It has provided the subject matter for incongruent compositions. He work with images, moving images, sculpture and painting. His interest are in artifice, display and perception.

Miami is inundated by artifice and replicas. The layers of fake, plastic plants, and real, actual plants, are nearly indistinguishable. My work imitates the materials and aesthetics of art, while considering the psychology used by the advertising industry. Critical agitation and defamiliarization is the intent.


While in residency, Rigau worked on the project Endless Everglades:

Endless Everglades, is a place of business. Like most businesses, its goal is to surpass its margins and turn a healthy profit. E.E. rents affordable sustainable guilt free spaces to the creative. This is possible because, the live work spaces are in rural areas. In these rural areas, abandoned buildings have been remodeled and fashioned for maximum connectivity. Like most businesses, Endless Everglades is data mining their clients. Selling data is part of there business plan. Controlling that data is the end goal. Thru analyses of the creative’s output, and the study of there tendencies during there daily living activity, the creative’s work can be predicted. This leads to E.E. farming all creative making

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For the safety and well-being of our artists, community and collaborators, AIRIE has postponed all residency activity and programming in the Everglades. The AIRIE Nest Gallery inside the Ernest F. Coe Visitors Center is closed, as is the main entrance to Everglades National Park, until further notice.

The AIRIE Application for 2021 residencies has been postponed. The application window and new deadline will be announced shortly.

We know that you share our concerns during these uncertain times with the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and appreciate your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please contact us at with the link below.