Dale Andree

Dale Andree is creator and director of National Water Dance (NWD), an artist driven collective of dancers and educators stretching from coast to coast and from Alaska to Florida. NWD creates simultaneous, site-specific performances with movers of all ages and experience. NWD believes that the global environmental crisis is the most pressing issue of this generation and that artists need to take the lead in addressing it. As dancers they use their bodies to create a community that cries out for action.

“As a source of life for so many species, including our own, the Everglades is like the aging parent whose wisdom will fail us if we don’t listen before it becomes too late. As an aging dancer there is a symbiotic connection that I feel in finding my relationship to natural environments. The opportunity to live inside of the Everglades and take time to observe, reflect and be inspired to create movement is an artistic journey that is both intimidating and inviting and one that calls strongly at this point in my artistic journey.”

– Dale Andree

In the Everglades, Andree will produce a new, site specific work to be performed for the public.

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