Dorian Emerson Munroe

Dorian Emerson Munroe is a first generation local Miami creative, born to Caribbean parents who migrated from Guyana, South America. After attending Miami Mega Magnet Coral Reef Senior High School, Dorian accepted a full athletic football scholarship to the University of Florida where he was a part of two National Championship winning teams. With a lifelong passion for the arts, and after a brief professional career, Dorian pursued his second love, filmmaking. A recent winner of the Oolite Documentary Block Contest Grant, Dorian now looks to immersively showcase the animals, people, and plants of the Everglades.

His grant winning film is about the young people of Liberty City and its infamous bike culture, showcased on its unofficial Martin Luther King Day holiday, where thousands flood the streets with their dirt bikes and four wheelers in a form of rebellion and community. However, due to a hate crime that occurred while protesting the redevelopment of their lower-income housing, this movement has garnered national attention.

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