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Jeanine Michna-Bales

Jeanine Michna-Bales

Jeanine Michna-Baleis a conceptual fine artist working in the medium of photography, exploring the relationships between what has occurred, or is occurring, in a society and how people react to those events. She meticulously researches each topic — considering different viewpoints, causes and effects, and political climates — and often incorporates found or archival text and audio into her projects.

Whether exploring the darkened stations along the Underground Railroad, long-forgotten nuclear fallout shelters, or the invisible epicenters of environmental turmoil, her work seeks out places that are hidden in plain sight, each with its own story begging to be told and lessons waiting to be shared.

Michna-Bales will produce a new photographic essay depicting the places where former slaves made their homes in Florida.

Featured image: Within Reach. Crossing the St. Clair River to Canada just south of Port Huron, Michigan (detail), 2014

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