Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is a New York-based Director of Photography originally from Miami, Florida. Her body of work includes feature and short narrative, documentary, fashion, branded content, music videos, and artist moving image. Her cinematography has been showcased at Sundance, Tribeca, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Frameline, Outfest, and the Whitney Biennial. Commercial clients include Harry Winston, Bobbi Brown, Calvin Klein, Converse, Rolling Stone, VICE HBO, and Netflix. During a nearly 20 year career, she has worked with Spike Lee, Arthur Jafa, Martin Scorsese, Deb Shoval, Andrew Dosunmu, and contemporary artists Leah Devun, Sabisha Friedberg, and Sasha Wortzel.

During her AIRIE residency, she will explore the ways in which family and personal history are entangled with the land, thinking through the ways that the Everglades supported her family’s survival as well as the ways they took from and extracted valuable resources from the land.

“The Everglades in particular are a loaded landscape marked by gender, race, and colonization that is not separate from us. I am interested in using video to engage and push the viewer to a new understanding and appreciation of this treasured and endangered space.” says the artist.

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