Leah Claire Kaminski

(February 2018) Leah Kaminski is a poet who uses nature as a vehicle for memory and grief, both collective and personal. She reclaims lost and traumatized bodies, ecologies, and memories through meticulous lyric description of encounters with nature. Her poems trace and transform what is seen even as boundaries disappear between the self and what is perceived. Her writing sits in a post-lyric vein, concerned with sound, rhythm, and image as much as with fact or narrative, and while some of it can be considered ‘ecopoetry’, it is all influenced by and responsive to the natural world around it.

During her residency Kaminski will create a poetry manuscript inspired by her personal history and experiences in the Everglades and South Florida, and will also take on larger stories of the region’s natural and human history. Having grown up in rural pine rockland near Homestead and having spent many weekends camping and canoeing in the Everglades, Leah has a deep personal connection to the wilderness.