Matt Venuti

(March 2019) Matt Venuti is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays rare and captivating acoustic and electronic musical instruments.His songs, stories, spoken word, and instrumental music have earned him the accolades of many worldwide fans. He tours nearly year round, performing at progressive events and venues that range from house concerts to concert halls.

While in residence, Venuti will record an album’s worth of instrumental music with the sounds of the Everglades as his backing track.

Sunday, March 24, 4pm

Sundays in the Park: Landscape Listening with Matt Venuti

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photos by Oriol Tarridas, courtesy AIRIE, Artists in Residence in Everglades

Everglades Serenade

Vast, vast, oh river of grass,
flowing south from Lake Okeechobee…
destination, the sea.
High in the trees rest sun-brightened birds
feeding and nesting in places unheard…and mostly unseen.
Through the glimmer of mist in the morning light
to the billowing clouds painted crimson at night
the truth I convey in this serenade
can only beholden to these Everglades.
An ancient land where ancient beasts still reside…
where great storms leave their marks
in a surreal countryside.
Where time stands still…and stillness stands strong
until the next big storm comes along.     
  Vast, vast oh river of grass, you’ve been bought and sold,
cut and divided, swindled and drained,
torn by the effects of climate change,
yet you endure…adapt to the strain,  
helped along by good people
who want you to remain the same…
helped along by good people who want you forever-glades…
helped along by good people,
who love you Everglades.   

Music and lyrics created in residency by Matt Venuti, AIRIE Fellow March 2019

Video created by Matt Venuti while in residency