Alan Winslow’s Portraits of Birds and Birders @ Tropical Audubon

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Lecture: Portraits of Birds, Birders and their environments with Alan Winslow

April 30th, 2015, 6pm

Tropical Audubon Society

5530 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL, 33143

Alan Winslow is a documentary and fine art photographer whose work often centers on micro-communities. During this month-long AIRIE Residency, Alan’s goal has been to document thebirding community and the various species of birds within the Everglades. He has met his subjects throughout the park and spoken with them about their favorite bird species, and about what attracts them to the Everglades ecosystem. The portraits of subjects he’s met will be paired with portraits of the bird species they’ve discussed. During this lecture Alan will share stories from his experience in the field, and premiere some of the images he’s made during this month-long project. Alan’s second love (after photography) is teaching photography (he is on the faculty at the International School of Photography in New York), and so he will also happy to address questions regarding his process, and the process of planning and executing photographic excursions as well.

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