Rachel Johnson

(January 2018) Rachel Johnson (b.1992) is a North American artist working regionally along the East Coast. Her media specific, video and performance-based works unveil the temporal nature of the human within the frameworks of biological desire that guide the evolution of our virtual/material landscapes.

Rachel compiles extensive research on a particular subject and translates findings from diverse sources into entrancing and polyphonic media to reconcile varied methodologies for understanding our orientation to living organisms from the scientific to the metaphysical. By decentering singular classification systems as a means for understanding and identifying phenomena she invites audiences to traverse towards experiential ontologies and examine human experiences of the nonhuman.

While in residence, Rachel will expand on her project Escaped Exotics. Launched in 2016 in partnership with Borscht Corp Film Collective and Florida Conservation Experts, Escaped Exotics is a series of ethnobotanical films and posters uncovering histories and potentials latent in the most common invasive plant species living and growing in the interstices of South Florida’s urban spaces.

Escaped Exotics is sponsored in part by the BFI.