Rebecca Reeve’s Marjory’s World Series in Chausser Magazine

Rebecca-Reeve-7By Joanna Sotiriou for Chassuer

Breathtaking landscapes, vivid colors and curtains. Yes, curtains. I can easily imagine Rebecca Reeve sitting behind her traveling window frame, exploring some of the most magical corners of earth, having only a camera in hand. And when the time is right and the breeze is gently messing with her curtains, she captures the moment, entrapping the aura of nature in just one shot.

It’s time for me to come down of my pink cloud of romance, look at the actual photographs and not get lost in them. What I see is an aesthetically meritorious technique, quite brilliant and unconventional. Using the curtains on either the upper corner or the side corners of the frame, Rebecca Reeve draws our attention to the colors and the aura of the landscape while at the same time, she adds a smart border that is actually a part of the setting. Smart, romantic and intriguing. Amazing.



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