Christina Pettersson, The Unavoidable Twilight

The Unavoidable Twilight
A solo exhibition by Christina Pettersson
Curated by Deborah Mitchell
On view January 28 through April 8, 2018
The crepuscular hour (of, resembling, or relating to twilight) is rarely used in the pictorial tradition of landscape drawing, and rarely experienced by visitors to the Everglades National Park. Christina Pettersson’s drawings in The Unavoidable Twilight explore this dramatic waning light, conjuring mythological moments brimming with flora and fauna, and perhaps even an empire on the brink of collapse. Works on paper, videos and specimen installations show the landscape and its inhabitants in dramatic light, and are skillfully interpreted with affection for a bygone era.
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The Twilight Tour
Sunday, January 28th, 1:30-6pm
This cultural tour starts at 1:30 pm with a brief tour of The Unavoidable Twilight in The AIRIE Nest. The AIRIE Bus departs at 2pm for a curated journey examining decades of human impact on the region. Pettersson will lead an exciting trip populated with gypsies, ghosts, outlaws and environmentalists, ending at the Nike Missile site with a shadow puppet performance.

RSVP required, please confirm to [email protected]

Audubon Presentation featuring Jerry Lorenz
Carlos Rigau and Christina Pettersson
AIRIE Nest and Anhinga Trail
March 18th, 2-4pm

RSVP required, please confirm to [email protected]

“As my roots in the South have grown so has the landscape. Where I am and what my unique terrain means matters more and more. It is not a backdrop. A voracious reader of local history, as well as an avid naturalist, birder, explorer and wild thing, I am most alive when I am inside the scenery, tramping the landscape barefoot and muddy. My artwork is the result of my experience of living in the Deep South, a place I genuinely love and feel connected to, yet often mourn for. What materializes is not so much a straightforward viewpoint as a shadow world, draped in the ignoble past and the questionable future. I long to restore that epic and mythological dimension, a sense of awe and reverence for the world. The fact is they (the drawings) are not much about my personality. I want to be a storyteller. I want to believe that life is still wild.”
                                 Christina Pettersson


Exhibition is free and open to the Public
RSVP Necessary for the Twilight Tour at [email protected]
This project is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of CulturalAffairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida, and funded in part by Knight Arts Challenge and Miami-Dade Cultural Arts grants.
Image: The Fury of the Swamp (Gator), Christina Pettersson 2018