Video still by Claudio Marcotulli

Where Earth Meets Sky

Where Earth Meets Sky

On View October 3, 2019 – January 28, 2020
Artist Reception: Sunday, November 17, 1-3pm

A unique exhibition exploring choreography in the Everglades with work by Dale Andree (AIRIE Fellow 2018), Miana Jun, Claudio Marcotulli and Christina Pettersson. Comprised largely of work overseen by Andree, Where Earth Meets Sky offers insight into the flow of movement, reflecting the natural flow of the water that has been so constricted and redirected and yet still finds ways to move through this wilderness. The exhibition is curated by AIRIE Creative Director Deborah Mitchell.

AIRIE Nest Gallery
40001 SR 9336, Homestead, FL
Free and open to the public, 9am-5pm, everyday

While in residence in 2018,  Dale Andree, founder and director of National Water Dance, choreographed a new work, Everglades Imprint, featuring 5 dancers performing a 20 minute piece in an open glade within ENP. 

Reflecting on her residency, Andree adds:

“The unfolding of a day and the magic of the details buried in the grasses, were revealed in the cypress sloughs and dense brush of the pinelands. But in that adaptation how does the natural life inside of it congregate, separate, move forward or be left behind?” 

Photographs and a video by photographer Miana Jun and the debut of Flickering Glades, a film by Claudio Marcotulli, all inspired by Andree’s Everglades Imprint project, are also featured in Where Earth Meets Sky. 

An installation of excerpts from Andree’s journal, including haiku poetry, anchors the exhibition, offering insight into this noted choreographer’s creative process.

Wallpaper made from ink drawings by AIRIE Fellow Christina Pettersson (2015) provides a foundation rooted in Florida’s history for Jun’s photographs. Based on the book Forgotten Frontier, and titled the same, Pettersson’s attention to detail remind us about the challenges pioneers and indigenous people faces when settling in the region

Featured Image: Claudio Marcotulli, Flickering Glades video still, 2019